About US

Since ancient times, the wood has been widely used for making various accessories. Even in middle ages, when precious and semi-precious metals and other materials were rather popular, the role of wooden products was not underestimated as people acknowledged that its cheapness in price was reverse comparative to its richness in useful properties.

Bearing all the benefits of the the eco-friendly material in mind, our team has set a goal of uniting all the unique and creative woodworkers dedicated to the creation of totally handmade exclusive and unique wooden kitchenware, home decor or accessories special for our store visitors!

Following the best traditions of the ages past,  we aim at revoking the spirit of eco-lifestyle by means of combining best practices of the past with the modern advances and trends.

In our stores you can find the best quality branded wooden crafts of talented wood artists, operating in different sets of the world, from The United Kingdom to Tunisia, from Ukraine to France, including but not limited to the brands of Jonathan Leech, Nature Carthage, Bobolink, Olive Tree Wood and others.

We dedicate our hard work and efforts for those who Perdue an eco friendly lifestyle, for ones who know how advantageous are wooden kitchenware in comparison to metal or plastic ones, and finally for those who are able to evaluate the real beauty of minimalism.

Grant us the honor to lend a hand while choosing a wooden accessory and you will be pleased with the feeling of coziness and warmth it will convey to your home!