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8 Reasons Why Chess Is A Perfect Gift

Chess has been around for centuries and it hasn’t lost its popularity. Nowadays it’s a beloved pastime all around the world with millions of people playing it for fun and education. In some countries, chess has become a part of the curriculum in elementary schools and rightfully so. This unique game is a brain gym with so many benefits.

Once you set all the pieces on the chess board, the magic begins. So, naturally, we can spread this love around and give chess sets as presents for people we care about. This might seem a little unconventional at first, but try to see the big picture and let go of preconceptions.

Let’s see why this is a good idea 

  1. Chess develops problem-solving skills

    If you have children, you will know how draining it is to have literally hundreds of toys thrown around the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more entertainment that’s actually good in the long run? So when holidays or birthdays come around it’s a good idea to break the habit of endless toys and give the kid something they can enjoy for years to come.

    A kids chess set will be a great present for a child who likes puzzles and brain teasers. These sets usually have alphanumeric markings on the edges which makes learning much easier. They can start from small chess problems, and move on to more complicated settings.

    Chess is a wonderful tool to teach your child tactics and strategy, as chess is nothing less of a battle with a clear purpose to defeat the enemy and threaten their king. And that requires lots of planning and careful consideration. This is not a skill that your child will leave at the chess board after the game, either. It’s a skill that stays with them and becomes a part of who they are. We all want our children to be skilled in carefully weighed decision making. And chess is just one of the ways to teach them that valuable life lesson, even at an early age. 
  1. Chess is fun to play on the road

    Ever had a road trip with the family? Or a long train ride?  If you have you’ll know that at some point everybody dissolves into their phones and stops talking to each other. And while alone time is nice, we doubt that 3 hours spent on the phone can be counted as productive. A travel chess set, on the other hand, is a wonderful opportunity for the family to come together and spend time communicating and having fun.

    A chess board can bring all the family together and bridge the gap between generations. You can make it even more fun by holding family tournaments with official award ceremonies for the winner just for the hilarity of it.  
  1. It’s an extremely diverse present

    A chess set can be a present for your nephew’s tenth birthday and at the same time a great present for your boss’s anniversary. Now, naturally, those are going to be two very different sets. One is a standard-issue  Staunton set, with a folding board. And if your boss is a chess connoisseur, they will appreciate one of the great luxury chess sets from the best chess shop London has to offer.

    They can be pricey, but that’s a work of art that deserves to be enjoyed and displayed proudly. There are plenty of unique chess sets waiting to be picked. The designs are endless. From Staunton to themed sets. The latter deserves a mention because a themed chess set can have hundreds of characters, from ancient Greece and Egypt to the stars of your favorite TV shows. There are even sets meant for three players, which is a fresh twist in a classic game. If you are looking to surprise a seasoned chess player, who has multiple sets already, this is a great option. 
  1. It’s a present that can be enjoyed for decades

    Good quality chess sets can withstand the test of time and be in your family for decades. So if you are planning on buying a chess set for someone you love, rest assured, it’s a good investment. We have somewhat lost the sentimentality that comes with keeping family traditions alive and passing something that’s dear to us on to our children and grandchildren.

    A chess set fits that scenario perfectly. Imagine yourself presenting your parents with beautiful, ornate chess set for their anniversary. They will enjoy it for years. And then imagine your kids coming over to their house and playing chess with them, and years later, your grandchildren asking you to teach them how to play with that same set. That’s what family traditions look like. 
  1. Chess is educational as well as entertaining

    Chess has many lessons to teach us. And when you give someone a chess set, you keep that message alive and encourage people to spend their time more productively. But how exactly does chess help us? It teaches us to think before we make a move and sacrifice when there’s no way out. They teach us when it’s the right time to stand our ground and when we are better off just walking away altogether.

    These are tough decisions to make and chess is like a simulated, safe environment where we make the same decisions but on a smaller scale and using chess pieces instead of real people and events. It allows us to make mistakes and practice until we are good enough to be confident in our own abilities. 
  1. Chess trains people’s memory

    It makes the mind sharper at an older age. So it makes a wonderful present for parents and grandparents who enjoy the game. Chess is a real treadmill when it comes to mind-exercising. You have to memorize combinations and various strategies, as well as your past experience, which will give you clues on how to defeat your opponent.

    At an older age, our senses begin to dull, our mind becomes more numb to learning new skills and has trouble remembering even important details. Chess will help with that and keep the mind fresh and sharp much longer. 
  1. It’s an original and unexpected gift

    A chess set, even a luxurious one is not an evident present that everyone would expect. It can be a pleasant surprise and cause a wave of appreciation among the other guests. Surely there are presents that are anticipated for certain events, but chess is not usually on that list, so it will be a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys the game already or just starts their first steps in this direction. There are plenty of unusual chess sets UK has to offer, so take your pick and surprise someone you love.
  1. A gift that will never go out of style

    Chess has proven over and over again to be completely timeless. It has survived wars, revolutions, crusades, invasions, new wars and even outlived some civilizations. Chess has been around for centuries and it is still going strong. When you present someone an exceptionally crafted set with superb chessmen, you can be sure that no matter how much time will pass, years, or decades, this set will still spread the importance of intelligence, love, understanding, and hope. Because no hope is lost while the king is still standing. 

As you see, when it comes to chess, it’s very hard to find a disadvantage. It’s good for our mental and physical state, it brings families closer and can be a bonding medium between children and their parents, or grandparents. Chess can help school teachers integrate a child that has no one to turn to and help them find like-minded kids around.

Chess gives us that half an hour of peace, and a sense of control when everything else seems to be falling apart. And it can be a part of cozy family evenings when everything is just right where it should be. Spread this warmth by giving your loved ones a chess set and they will see your attention and love through this wonderful gift.  

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