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Things to Consider When Buying a Chess Set

Chess is a sophisticated and intellectual game that requires concentration and strategic thinking skills. It’s one of those board games that should be enjoyed to the fullest which is why if you are going to play chess, keep it classy by buying the best and highest quality chess board that’s out there.

There are a number of things to consider before buying a chess set. To help you choose the right one that will meet all your expectations we have collected several tips on what you should pay attention to before when making a purchase of a chess set:

  • Purpose: First of all, you should understand your purpose of buying a chess set. There are many different purposes a chess set can be used for: decorative (for you and your guests to admire), practical (for daily and weekly chess games), club, school or tournament (you might look for a durable chess set for such cases), travel sets (easily portable sets) or maybe you want theme sets (Blue or Gray in the Civil War or the Redcoats in the American Revolution).
  • Piece Discernibility: This means that you should clearly be able to tell the queen from the king, and other pieces from each other. Choose a chess set that comes with beautifully designed pieces each of which has a clearly defined shape. This is not only helpful in distinguishing the pieces from each other but also is pleasing to the eye.
  • Standard Tournament Set: This will make your amateur games more professional and interesting. Of course, the usual chess boards are fine too when you are planning to play with friends but it’s always good to give some kind of a professional touch to your game. The squares of a tournament chess set are 2 ¼ inches from one side to the other and the king’s height varies from 3 ¾ to 4 ¼  inches.
  • Weighted Pieces: Weighted pieces will prevent you from such annoying incidents as the pieces falling during the game from any mild breeze. Such pieces are especially recommended for those who are planning to play speed chess.
  • Durability: If a chess set is not durable, what do you need it for? The best and most durable chess sets can be found among the wooden ones. Plastic chess sets can not only be harmful for the surroundings but also might not last you long. And in general, plastic is a notorious material in many aspects so it’s not really advisable to invest in a plastic chess set. Handmade wooden chess sets are the best: aesthetic, classy, long-lasting and with a touch of mother nature (wood is, in the end, a natural, tactile and pleasant-to-the-touch material). Wood pays you back and is surely worth the investment.
  • Choose the Right Chess Store: Do your own research to find the best chess store that sells high-quality products. Read reviews, look at the experience and at the product list, the way the store’s support team works, etc. Choosing Kaoori store chain of handmade wooden products, you’d be pleasantly surprised at both the quality and the service provision of the shop. Here you surely will find the chess set that you want – you can even order a custom chess set and Kaoori masters will make the nicest chess set for you – in your desired design and other specs you provide.
  • Budget: Consider the amount of money you are willing to invest in a chess set: this will determine the type of wood or other material your chess set will be made of and the rest of the qualities of the set. You can still find a good chess set at a reasonably low price.

Another factor that you should take into consideration when choosing a chess set, is its type. There are several different types of chess sets that you can find at Kaoori stores:

  • Luxury Chess Sets: A luxury chess set comes with a rich selection of colours and designs that will reflect your creativity and individuality. Among luxury chess sets you can find such themes as Egyptian, Spartacus, Salzburg, etc. These chess sets are good for decorative purposes.
  • Antique Chess Sets: Antique chess sets are great for those who appreciate the antique style and elegance. They will give you a touch of ancient times and history that will make the game more interesting and engaging for both players. Antique chess sets can be great gifts for the true lovers of this board game.
  • Staunton Chess Sets: These are the most common types of chess sets and are a standard for most tournaments. Staunton chess sets can be found in different sizes and materials as required by you. They are the best option if you are looking for something quality yet simple for daily chess games or tournaments.
  • Tournament Chess Sets: As already mentioned, these chess sets have their precise size and design requirements as they are meant for professional tournaments of chess. They are also great for everyday games with friends and family.
  • Travel Chess Sets: If you want a chess set to carry around with you while traveling then these are the best options. They are easily portable due to the magnetized boards and smaller in size which makes it more convenient for being packed in a luggage. Travel chess sets are also lighter in weight due to the specifically chosen lightweight material they are made of.
  • Themed Chess Sets: For those wanting to bring more intrigue into the game, themed chess sets are the right choice. There are a number of interesting themes you can choose from some of which we noted above.
  • Magnetic Chess Sets: Magnetic chess sets are really fun and very easy to move from one place to another. You can be sure that the pieces won’t get lost with a magnetic chess set. These sets are great for practical purposes.
  • Three-Player Chess Sets: Want to make the game more fun and entertaining? Don’t want to leave out your third friend from your gathering? These three-player chess sets are what you need then. The game goes to another level with such a set and you sure will enjoy it to the fullest.

Find the best chess sets at Kaoori stores of handmade wooden products and enjoy every moment of this ancient and intellectual game!

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