Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals 2021

Meltwater Champions

The Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals 2021 is the 10-player chess tournament that brings on board different chess GMs and world champions. It takes place between September 24th and October 4, 2021, on Chess24. 

The tournament will have a round-robin format consisting of 9 round games featuring four rapid games with 15 minutes of control time and an increment of 10 seconds after every move. The winner of each round will get 3 points while the loser will score zero. 

In case of a tie, the blitz playoff will determine the winner, and an Armageddon game can be the next option if a need arises. The top scorer pocketing $100,000 and become the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour champion. Here is how things went down through the tournament

Champions Chess Tour Finals Day 1

The first day of Chess tour 2021 shows different GMs do what they know best over the chessboard. Some had a fantastic day while others suffered a defeat. Carlsen Magnus stood out as the impressive performer of the day.

Carlsen vs. Duba

The first clash was between the World Champion – Carlsen and World Cup champion – Duba. Duba showed impressive performance in the last year’s world cup tournament by defeating Carlsen in the semi-final stage. However, in this encounter, this turned out differently. 

With 18 moves, Carlsen won the first game. In the second round, Duba performed exceptionally well and could win in the 20th move. However, he made a mistake in 29 move that showed Carlsen reign again. Carlsen required white pieces draw to win the third game but applied a defensive tactic. By the fourth round, he had floored Duba.   

So vs. Mamedyarov

On the first day, So played against Mamedyarov. The game was terrific, with the fours round ending with a draw. So won the second round after Mamedyarov making consecutive bad decisions. The third round, so another draw. As such, So had to play hard to win the final round. He did his best, and the round ended with 3-1 in favor of So. 

Aronian vs. MVL

Armenian best chess player Levon Aronian found his match GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave alias MVL on the first day. Aronian took the lead in the first round. The opponents drew in the next two rounds. MVL won the fourth round forcing a playoff. Amazingly, MVL did it again, but Aronian neutralized it, leading the challenge to Armageddon game. Aronian had to win this game, but this never came to be as MVL won, ending at 4-3.  

Rajdabov vs. Artemiev

This day shows two styled GMs challenge each other. Rajdabove and Artemiev are great chess players known for their outstanding style. As expected, the four rounds could not determine the winner as draws were the norm. In the playoffs, Artemiev floored Rajdabove in both rounds.  

Giri vs. Nakamura

Giri faced Nakamura on a challenge that show him take the day. He succeeded in the first round while the remaining three ended with a draw forcing a playoff. The opponent drew on the first playoff round, but Giri won the second one and became the leader. 

Champions Chess Tour Finals Day 2

Day 2 of Chess Tour 2021 was another fantastic moment for chess fans as GMs continued challenging each other. The first team featured Giri and Duba. After the four rounds, Duba floored Giri in the tough contests. 

The next team saw Nakamura feat Rajdabov. Both lost in the day 1 challenge, and one had to win to move on with the contest. After 4 round draws, the game went to the playoff. Nakamura played it well and emerged the winner in the first round. Rajdabov made mistakes in the second round ending it with a draw and making Nakamura the winner.

The third team was a contest between Artemiev and Aronian. This contest was exceptional as Aronian had lost on the first day while Artemiev was a winner. However, this day turned out differently. Aronian made a comeback. The game ended in 2.5-1.5, with Aronian standing out as the winner.

The fourth clash was between MVL and So. MVL continued with his previous day winning matches. He won two rounds and one draw. The last contest was between Carlsen and Mamedyarov. The challenge was tough, and went up to the Armageddon game. Despite this, Carlsen showed his former clashes that he is still the GOAT.   

Champions Chess Tour Finals Day 3

Day 3 was on September 27, 2021, another great day in the chess tour 2021. The first contest was Duda versus Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Both contested and lost against Carlsen on their first and second day respectively. 

Duda won the first round, but Mamedyarov made a comeback in the second round. They drew in the 3 and moved them to a playoff. As expected, the playoff was hectic, but Duba drew the second blitz becoming the winner. 

The second contest saw Carlsen match up with MVL. But as expected, Carlsen was amazingly strong and unbeatable. He is now leading with 3/3 scores. So and Artemiev encounter was the next team. So reigned in the contest with a 2.5-1.5 win. The next game show Nakamura floor Aronian while the last one show Giri outsmart Radjabov. 

At the end of these three days of chess tour 2021, Carlsen stands out as the leader, winning all the matches. Chess fans can watch the next games as the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2021 continues to the homestretch stage.   

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