Analog chess clocks

Benefits of Using Analog Chess Clocks

Chess accessories have become more and more popular and among them are chess clocks. If you’ve watched a professional game of chess or even a school chess tournament, then you’ve likely seen a chess clock. Chess clocks are double clocks that are set next to the boards on a chess table during the game. Chess clocks, also referred to as chess timers, are used to keep track of the time that each chess player spends on each move. Chess clocks have two uses in a game of chess. 1. To make sure that neither player is taking too long during the game or 2. To track time during time-based games such as speed and blitz games.

Any given tournament has limits to the amount of time that each player is allowed to spend on a move and if the players overreach this time, they may face a penalty or even disqualification. As mentioned, chess clocks are also used to keep track of time during time-based games. Some chess players love added challenges, so they play fast games with time crunches, such as blitz or speed games, where each player must make a specified number of moves within a pre-designated period of time.

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Analog vs. Digital

Generally speaking, there are two types of chess clocks – digital and analog chess clocks. Digital chess clocks have a digital display and use electronic components both for display and for the timer component. The analog chess clock, on the other hand, is a standard analog clock with a flag that will tell players when their time is up. Analog clocks use mechanical parts to set timers.

More on Analog Chess Clocks

Both analog chess clocks and digital ones essentially perform the same tasks, however, they have distinct features that set them apart. Analog clocks were the first types of chess clocks used in professional play. Digital clocks seem to be more popular nowadays as they use updated technology. However, fans of old-school chess matches can’t say goodbye to analog clocks. There is certainly more diversity and choices in terms of style and design among analog clocks. They are very beautiful and look extremely elegant. So, if you are more old school then analog chess clocks are an excellent fit for you.