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Buying a Vinyl Chess Board

Vinyl chess boards are an excellent chess board option for avid players and players who like to travel alike. Vinyl chess boards are also the most popular type of chess board, largely because of their portability and the added bonus that they lay perfectly flat. Vinyl chess boards are used by professional chess players, so it’s worth noting that vinyl chess boards are undeniably the industry standard.

Benefits of Vinyl Chess Boards

In addition to being commonly used by professionals, there are many other benefits to playing on a vinyl chess board. Because they are so lightweight, they stack easily and vinyl chess boards are also very easy to store. For players who live in small spaces, vinyl chess boards are the way to go. 

Additionally, vinyl chess boards are the least expensive variety of chess board. The low cost makes vinyl chess boards an excellent option for those just learning to play the game as well as an inexpensive, yet deeply valuable gift.

Another benefit to purchasing vinyl chess boards is that they are extremely durable. Vinyl is sturdy enough to withstand rough play from children and chess clubs who are likely to subject boards to continuous use. They can also be used indoors and outdoors because they don’t absorb water and are so easy to clean.

Vinyl chess boards roll up nicely and fit securely inside of travel chess bags. They’re a great option to bring along on trips with friends, to college dorms, or to family gatherings. Though it’s not necessarily relevant to game play, one fun perk about vinyl chess boards is that they are sold in many different colors, so your chess board can match your personal style.

Tips for Purchasing the Right Vinyl Chess Board

Vinyl chess boards come in different sizes including 14-inch boards, 17-inch boards, and 20-inch boards. Tournaments are played on 20-inch boards, so before making your purchase, you’ll have to decide which size board best suits your needs.

After you’ve purchased your vinyl chess board, it’s important to be sure that you store it properly. You want to store it flat or, if you need to roll it up, be sure to do so with the board on the outside. If the board is not stored probably, it’s likely that your board will no longer stay flat during game play. With proper care, vinyl chess boards will last for many, many years. For other chess board options, visit: