Technology and chess go hand in hand and the best example for that are DGTchess pieces otherwise known as e-pieces. Electronic chess pieces are intended to be used in a game of electronic chess. What is electronic chess and what is the difference between DGT pieces and standard ones? Let’s take a closer look at electronic chess, electronic chess pieces, and how to decide if they are the right option for your game.

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Electronic chess games

The essence of electronic chess sets is very simple. These sets are designed to allow chess enthusiasts to play electronically against a computer or even against someone playing online or remotely from a different location entirely. DGT chess pieces work by using sensors to determine the position of each chess piece. The electronic system uses light indicators and digital displays to show where each piece is to be moved, and the player moves his opponent’s electronic chess pieces according to the computer’s display. The computer algorithm is updated every time a move is made in an attempt to win the game. DGT chess pieces are an excellent option when you have no one else to play with. Plus DGT pieces can be used to practice and improve skills. DGT chess pieces are also used for special types of tournament play, as an opportunity for players who are online or absent to play.

DGT chess pieces

DGT chess pieces are an integral part of an electronic set. You can’t use standard chess pieces on an e-board and hope for it to work. Electronic chess games rely on sensors to determine where each chess piece is in order to continue generating moves based on a computer algorithm. Chess pieces must be carefully calibrated and designed to work with an electronic board. DGT chess pieces are often designed with particular brands of electronic chess boards in mind, which enables the board to recognize not only that a piece is on each square, but also what specific piece is on a square at any given time. So when buying DGT pieces make sure that they work with the board you have or the one you’re planning to purchase.

Should you buy an e-chess set?

Electronic chess pieces and sets, in general, can be expensive, which is why you should think about it carefully. Make sure that it’s clear how the e-set will benefit you. To help guide your decision making progress, consider purchasing this type of chess set if you are interested in:

  • Want to practice chess independently and alone
  • You need to improve your chess game and would love to use a real board (instead of an online simulation)
  • You like to play chess, but you do not always want (or have) access to a chess partner
  • You want to provide an electronic facility that allows players from different parts of the world to play with you

If after all you think that you need a digital chess set then the first thing to do is to choose the brand. It is always recommended to buy your electronic chess set and DGT pieces from a reputable dealer. There are a number of online specialty stores including Kaoori where you will find many plays on their website and where you can buy an electronic chess set.