What Are Electronic Chess Pieces? A Short Guide

If you have been searching for chess pieces in recent years, then you have likely already stumbled on sections for electronic chess pieces. E-pieces are intended to be used in a game of electronic chess; but what is electronic chess? And how do these pieces differ from standard chess pieces? Let’s take a closer look at electronic chess, electronic chess pieces, and how to decide if they are the right option for your game.

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Electronic Chess Sets

Electronic chess sets are specially designed chess games which allow you to play electronically against a computer or even against someone who is playing online or otherwise from a different location. Electronic chess sets work by using sensors to determine the placement of each chess piece. The electronic system will indicate using a light and digital display to indicate where each piece should move; the actual player moves their opponent’s electronic chess pieces according to the computer’s indication display. The computer algorithm will update every time a move is made in order to attempt to win the game. Electronic chess sets can be used to play chess when you have no one else to play with; they can be used for practice and improving your game; and they can be used for special kinds of tournament play as a way for players who are online or not present to join in.

Electronic Chess Pieces

Some people mistakenly believe that you can use regular chess pieces with an electronic set. This is not true for just about any e-chess set because the electronic system relies on sensors to determine where each chess piece is located in order to continue generating moves based on a computer algorithm. Chess set pieces need to be carefully calibrated and designed in order to work with an electronic board. Chess pieces are typically designed with specific brands of electronic chess boards in mind, which makes it possible for the board to recognize not only that there is a piece on each square but what specific piece is located on a square at any given time.

Should You Buy an E-Chess Set?

Electronic chess sets can be expensive, which is why you should carefully consider whether or not you would benefit from this type of chess set before you make your purchase. As a general rule of thumb, you should consider purchasing this type of chess set if you:

  • Would like to practice chess on your own
  • Need to improve your chess game and would like to use an actual board (rather than an online simulation)
  • You enjoy playing chess but don’t always want (or have) access to a chess partner
  • You would like to create a setup that allows players from different parts of the world to play with you

Once you have decided to buy an electronic chess set, all that is left is picking the brand and making your purchase. Make sure to purchase your set from a reputable dealer.