Luxury Chess Pieces

Luxury chess pieces have found their distinct place among chess pieces and have managed to rise above the rest. Luxury chess pieces are made to impress. The intricate design and the elegance of these chess pieces will leave anyone in awe. If you are debating whether or not you should add some luxury chess pieces and chess sets to your collection, consider the following reasons why you should definitely go for it.

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They spark conversation

You don’t have to be a chess enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of luxury chess pieces. They will capture the attention of anyone and make the perfect opportunity to start a conversation around chess. Luxury pieces come in a range of elegant styles and materials, from hand-carved wood to polished porcelain and everything in between. They are sure to look elegant, no matter where you happen to keep your chessboard in your home—your living room, a game room, or even in the garden.

They are more durable than budget pieces

There is a reason why luxury pieces are more expensive than standard chess pieces and one of those reasons is quality. Yes, plastic pieces do cost less but they have a shorter lifespan, too. Budget pieces are often made from cheap material that can break, crack, and they simply won’t stand the test of time. Budget pieces also tend to get worn down and lose the detailing, which is not only visually unappealing but can change the weight and feel of the pieces.

Cheap chess pieces are light in weight, they are not sturdy and are quickly lost, so don’t be surprised if you find the pawn or the queen in the crack of the sofa years later. Luxury chess pieces, on the other hand, are made of higher quality material such as marble, precious metals or hand-carved wood which help the pieces last longer. Luxury chess pieces require more investment but they’ll also serve you longer and please you aesthetically. Plus, luxury chess pieces turn every game into an unforgettable experience. Of course, you don’t buy a new chess set every week, so it really pays to consider investing in a luxury chess set that will last a long time and be fun, even if you just put it on display.

They look elegant and classic

The most distinct feature of luxury chess pieces is elegance, and who doesn’t love an elegant and classic look? Luxury chess pieces add elegance to your home in an easy way that is perfect for anyone who wants to add class to their interior without going overboard or becoming too flashy.

They are perfect for chess lovers

Luxury chess pieces are the perfect gift – for you or for yourself! Luxury chess pieces reflect the love and passion for the game of chess in a sophisticated way, indicating that you value chess beyond its role as entertainment.

Yes, luxury chess pieces are more expensive than let’s say – Staunton or wooden pieces, but they don’t all cost a fortune. Today almost everyone who cares about chess can afford luxury chess pieces.

Luxury chess pieces can become a family heirloom

What better way to pass the love of chess from generation to generation than through luxury chess pieces that are a family heirloom? If you have children or are planning to have children, a luxury chess set can be a great investment for something that you will eventually want to pass on to your children.

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