Demo Chess Sets

Whether you’re new to the game of chess yourself or you plan on teaching to others, what you need is a chess demonstration board. Demo chess sets are specialized sets made with folding, durable materials. They are ideal for giving chess demonstrations in front of schools, classes, and anyone interested in learning more about chess.

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The demonstration board, commonly called a demo chess set, is a set designed specifically for new players, students and younger children to get a better handle on the game. If you want to know more about these special types of chess sets, consider the following guide that will explain how demo chess sets differ from standard sets and offer tips on how to get the best deals on these practical board sets.

Demo Chess Set vs. Traditional Sets

There are significant differences between a demo chess set and a traditional chess set. Demo sets are oversized and typically are designed to be tacked or hung up on walls, chalk boards and other areas for easy display. Rather than traditional 3D pieces, demo sets feature large 2D pieces which can be attached to the demo board for easy display. There are a few different types of demonstration boards for chess, but the two most common today are magnetic demo boards and pouch style demo boards. Magnetic demo boards feature a magnetic board combined with magnetic pieces which allow the pieces to be moved and secured with ease. Pouch style demo boards feature clear pouches over each piece on the board, which allows the cardboard, plastic or vinyl pieces to be moved in and out of each pouch. Both types of chess demo sets are perfect for teaching classrooms, younger children or new players the basics of chess with a distinct visual piece that will let everyone in the room see what is going on.

Tips for Buying Demo Chess Sets

If you are going to buy a chess demonstration set, you should consider the following tips that will help you get the best deals and purchase the right set for your needs. Tip: Consider magnetic boards for easy classroom engagement If you will be using the demonstration set as part of a classroom exercise or learning experience, magnetic boards tend to be easier for younger children to use than the pouch-style boards which can be difficult for smaller hands to manage. It is slightly easier to lose magnetic pieces than the pouch-style pieces merely due to the fact that there is no pouch holding the magnetic pieces, but as long as the board is secured to the wall and you keep an eye for wandering hands, the pieces should be fine. Tip: Purchase the set from a specialty site If you want to get the best deals on chess demo sets, you will want to purchase them from a shop which specializes in chess boards, chess pieces and other chess accessories. The reason for this is that these specialty shops will have the widest range of options available, making it easy to get what you need. Remember, always compare prices across different shops to make sure you are getting the best deal.