Luxury Wooden Chess Sets

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23 Inch Galant Chess Set

(8) $167.38

23 Inch Gladiator Chess Set

(18) $234.33 $207.55

23 Inch Polish Chess Set

(22) $234.33 $180.77

23 Inch Roman Chess Set Cesar

(8) $261.11

23 Inch Spanish Chess Set

(7) $307.97 $234.33

23 Inch Spartacus Chess Set

(77) $361.53 $287.89

24 Inch Castle Chess Set

(63) $234.33

24 Inch Mars Chess Set

(86) $287.89 $194.16

25 Inch Medieval Chess Set

(122) $368.23 $287.89

25 Inch Royal Lux Chess Set

(42) $488.74 $301.28

26 Inch Egypt Chess Set

(65) $361.53 $287.89
History of Luxury Chess Sets Luxury chess sets have a long and storied history that begins roughly in the 15th century. During these earliest centuries of chess, specialized chess sets were exclusive to those who could afford to have their own personal chess boards made. These specialized chess sets featured highly detailed designs, exquisite materials, as well as luxury finishes which all combined to create truly tasteful and high-class chess sets. If you take a look at genuine luxury antique chess sets on any auction site, you will quickly realize just how beautiful a chess set can really be. While standardized chess sets in the 19th century made chess more accessible to the masses, particularly once chess sets began to be made in factories which then resulted in lower and lower prices, wealthy chess players continued to commission and purchase luxury chess sets for their own private use. Luxury sets became another way for chess players to highlight their passion for the game; having the means and drive to collect high-end chess sets was a surefire way for someone in the 19th or even early 20th century to indicate their dedication to the game.
Modern Luxury Sets It should come as no surprise that luxury chess sets have remained popular in the modern era. People love elegance, and chess players are no exception. Many chess players who prefer luxury chess sets want to showcase their passion for chess in a subtle way, through the purchase of a more decorative and luxurious set that goes above and beyond the less expensive sets that are more common in today’s modern, mass-production based world. There is something old school and charming about luxury chess sets. They remind us in a subtle way of a past era, when craftsmanship was considered the gold standard above all. Best of all, they come in so many options that you are sure to find something that suits your personal style, whether you’re a fan of polished wood, exquisite handcrafted pieces, or all of the above. If you are interested in a chess set that takes elegance and class to a new level, consider investing in a luxury chess set today. These luxury sets also make excellent gifts for that favorite chess player in your life who is interested in something unique and memorable to add to their chess collection.