Royal Chess Sets

Royal chess sets are classic chess sets that adhere to the royal chess piece tradition—kings, queens, and knights are the name of the game. There are many options for purchasing royal chess sets today, including wooden royal chess set UK as well as handmade royal chess sets that are perfect for chess players who want something handcrafted and high quality.

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12 Inch Classic Chess Set

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12 Inch Royal Chess Set

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History of Royal Chess Sets

The usage of kings and queens in chess goes back to the oldest forms of the game from the 15th century. However, the use of the royal pieces—namely the king and queen—has changed throughout chess’s long history. For example, the queen piece was not one of the most important pieces in the game during the first few centuries of chess! It was not until later that the queen piece was given additional moves and directions, which caused it to become a more critical piece in the game.

Another notable historical fact about royal chess sets is the presence of ornamental figures in place of what are now considered standard faceless pieces. From the 15th century to the mid-19th century, it was not uncommon for royal pieces to be much more ornamental and detailed. Some pieces were even based on real life kings and queens, ranging from Elizabeth I to Louis XVI. These types of exquisitely made, detailed pieces definitely gave a new meaning to the phrase “royal chess set’!

In the mid-1800s, the development of more standardized chess pieces led to a decline in highly detailed ornamental royal chess sets. Standardized sets were typically based on the Staunton model and its 17 official variations, which tended to emphasize simpler, Neoclassical inspired crowns rather than royal figures with faces or other detailed features.

Modern Royal Chess Sets

If you are looking for a classical royal chess set, then you are in luck: this traditional style is still very much in vogue and you can find a nearly endless amount of options suited to any budget or personal taste.

If you are on a budget, look for chess sets which have a smaller, more compact design. These are often more affordable than large sets due to the compact size. If you are looking for higher quality royal chess sets, consider one made from quality wood; or for an even more luxurious look, choose a handcrafted royal chess set that is sure to stand out in the best way possible.