Wooden Chess Set

Handmade wooden chess set is beautifully designed and created by a professional artist-carvers masterpiece, special for those who know how to enjoy their time playing the intellectual board game! These robust and durable wooden chess set will serve as a unique addition to the home or office interior, emphasizing the refined taste of its owner.
Handmade wooden chess set is a purchase for a lifetime!

For centuries chess has been played and admired by thousands of people around the world. And naturally, during this time, the game has evolved and metamorphosed into a new form, shape, and quality. As we have discussed before, at the beginning of its journey, wooden chess was not nearly as popular as ivory. But times have changed.

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15.7 inch Chess Set and Backgammon Beech Wood Bronze


15.7 inch Chess Set Bronze Beech Wood


15.7 inch Chess Set


12 Inch Royal Chess Set

(1) $71.53

14 Inch Luxury Chess Set Walnut


10 Inch Luxury Chess Set Antique

(5) $278.49

15 Inch Chess Set Antique Walnut

(3) $541.71

20 Inch Sparta Chess Set


10 inch Classic Style – 2 In 1 Combo


23.6 inch Chess Set Backgammon Beech Wood


12 Inch Chess Set Topol

(22) $138.21 $83.34

21 Inch Chess Set Ambassador

(23) $229.88 $119.45

12 inch Classic Chess Set Beech Wood Bronze


18 Inch Chess Set Consul


24 inch Chess Set Beech Wood


14 Inch Chess Set London

(1) $119.45 $90.29

20 inch Chess Set Beech Wood


15.7 inch Chess Set and Backgammon Beech Wood


11 Inch Magnetic Travel Chess Set

(16) $82.65

12 Inch Olympic Mini Chess Set

(26) $76.40

Rubin Chess Set 13 Inch

$302.80 $229.88

13 Inch Magnetic Chess Set

(14) $126.40

16 Inch Pearl Chess Set

(23) $92.37

19 Inch Orawa Chess Set

(15) $339.61 $266.69
A wooden chess set is now a standard for a family living room, a classroom, and a luxury study alike. So how did this happen, and what do we need to know to navigate in a wide variety of wooden chess successfully? Kaoori has captured this evolution and incorporated both the classical and the contemporary in its high-quality designs. We have turned an already enjoyable game into a luxurious experience by seeking the best material for the chess sets. The wooden chess board and the pieces are made by hand. Each wooden chess set goes through rigorous vetting, and only the best are released to the market for the discerning buyer and player. But first things first, let’s start with different kinds of wooden chess and discuss their advantages! Read More