Wooden Chess Sets

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14 Inch Luxury Chess Set Walnut

(9) $216.98

14 Inch Royal Chess Set

(20) $59.18

14 Inch Three Player Chess Set

(1) $85.48 $65.75

15 Inch Chess Set Antique Walnut

(5) $387.93

16 Inch Chess Set Ace

(20) $65.75

16 Inch Junior Chess Set

(31) $73.64

16 Inch Ornament Chess Set

(34) $98.63 $72.33

16 Inch Pearl Chess Set

(23) $65.75

16 Inch Pearl Inlaid Chess Set

(23) $98.63 $76.27

16 Inch Tournament Chess Set

(31) $98.63 $74.96

17 Inch Chess Set King Light

(13) $92.05 $67.07

17 Inch King Chess Set

(10) $85.48

18 Inch Beskid Chess Set

(25) $80.22

18 Inch Chess Set Consul

(14) $77.59

18 Inch Indian Chess Set Small

(11) $73.64

18 Inch Three Player Chess Set

(14) $103.89

18 Inch Tournament Chess Set

(15) $85.48

19 Inch Chess Set New York Black

(7) $387.93 $245.91

19 Inch Chess Set New York Combo

(38) $206.46

21 Inch Magnat Chess Set

(10) $289.30 $230.13

19 Inch Christmas Mini Chess Set

(20) $73.64

19 Inch Club Chess Set

(11) $98.63 $73.64

19 Inch Debiut Chess Set

(24) $164.38 $103.89

19 Inch Indian Chess Set Light

(21) $90.74

Kaoori is the ultimate home of wooden chest set UK. Chess is one of the board games that are highly acclaimed for their capacity to build the intellect, sharpen focus and increase analytical capabilities. Over the time, the game of chess has increasingly evolved and with it,the design and build of its pieces  boards.
Kaoori has captured this evolution and incorporated both the classical and contemporary in its high quality designs.  We have turned an already enjoyable game into a luxurious experience by seeking the best material for the chess sets. The boards are made by hand.  Each handmade wooden set goes through rigorous vetting, and only the best are released to the market for the discerning buyer and player.
Our artisans are highly skilled and just as highly motivated. They take great pleasure and pride in crafting the very best individual pieces. Playing on our handcrafted wooden chess sets makes it easy for the players to discern the emotions of their opponents. The varying sounds that you wooden chess pieces make on the board reveal the aggression, the anxiety, uncertainty and excitement of the opponent. It is therefore easy to read the poker faces of the players via the sound of wood on wood.
There are a variety of designs to choose from, ranging from the magnetic, the deluxe and the folding wooden chess set.  The folding wooden chess set is a popular choice for most people given its ability to store the chest pieces within the board itself.  Few things are as disconcerting as losing a treasured chess piece, especially one as impeccable and beautiful as a handmade wooden piece from us.  The folding wooden chess set allows you to keep the pieces in the board after you have finished your game.  It also increases the portability of the set, making it easier to carry the set from one place to another. Away from the game itself, the handmade wooden chess set makes for a very beautiful, unique decoration for any room,  be it at home or the office. Read More