Demo Chess Sets

Whether you’re new to the game of chess yourself or you plan on teaching others, what you need is a chess demonstration board. Demo chess is a specialized set made with folding, durable materials. They are ideal for giving chess demonstrations in front of school classes, and anyone interested in learning more about this game. The demonstration board commonly called demo chess is a set designed specifically for new players, students and younger children to get a better handle on the game.

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If you want to know more about these special types of chess sets, or you are looking to buy chess set, consider the following guide that will explain how demo chess differs from standard sets and offer tips on how to get the best deals on these practical board sets.  

Demo Chess vs. Traditional Sets

There are significant differences between demo chess and a traditional chess set. Demo sets are oversized and typically are designed to be tacked or hung up on walls, chalkboards and other areas for easy display. Rather than traditional 3D pieces, demo sets feature large 2D pieces which can be attached to the demo board for better approachability. Also, a demo set has a very distinct purpose. It is designed purely for demonstration and learning. It’s very useful for presentation of various problems to large audiences but rather uncomfortable for an actual match.