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19 Inch Debiut Chess Set

(24) $162.75 $102.86

19 Inch Orawa Chess Set

(16) $240.87 $188.79

19 Inch Royal Wooden Chess Set

(22) $97.65 $70.31

20 Inch Ancient Chess Set

(10) $253.89 $188.79

33 Inch Cesar Chess Set

(7) $475.23 $384.09

20 Inch Giewont Chess Set

(34) $188.79 $111.97

20 Inch Gothic Chess Set

(20) $115.88 $88.54

21 Inch Chess Set Ambassador

(28) $162.75 $84.63

21 Inch Fantasy Chess Set

(26) $351.54 $279.93

21 Inch Roman Chess Set

(8) $136.71 $123.69

21 Inch Royal Chess Set

(27) $110.67 $84.63

23 Inch England Chess Set

(74) $351.54 $279.93

Wooden chess sets

Kaoori chess shop London offers these wooden sets as their most popular style. A modern chess set can be pretty different from its predecessors. The old Indian version of this game involved ivory pieces instead of wood. Wooden, nice chess sets are a perfect gift even for a kid who is just starting to learn this ancient game. It's much lighter in weight than its stone analogue which makes it more shipping-friendly! And, of course, the wooden chess set is a timeless classic that will instantly win the hearts of your friends and family this Christmas. 

Luxury chess sets

Now, this is the type of unique chess sets you can't give to a kid. These are the kind only a true enthusiast would appreciate. All the pieces are designed and carved individually. The styles involve different themes (Cesar, Egyptian, etc.). Just picture your grandpa's smile when you get him one of those! The creativity and craftsmanship that goes into each piece are tremendous! Not to mention, you end up with a fancy chess set that's bound to captivate your guests and inspire them. If this is not quite what you're looking for, buckle up, there are plenty of cool chess sets to come!

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