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Luxury chess sets speak of old wisdom and subtle yet tasteful game. Our designs come in different themes to reflect your individual creativity, style and preference, plus the colours of the wood are rich and relaxing. The varying colour densities give you a better view of the game and leave you in a better place to make your next move. The deluxe sets come in different designs and interesting themes; Egyptian, Spartacus, Salzburg, just to mention a few. Please do not settle for less, get a deluxe piece from us today! But to better navigate in the luxury chess set arena, take a look at what lies behind the beautiful facade.

History of Luxury Chess Sets

Luxury chess sets have a long and storied history that begins roughly in the 15th century. During these centuries’, specialised chess sets were exclusive to those who could afford to have their own personal luxury chess board made. These specialised chess sets featured highly detailed designs, exquisite materials, as well as luxury finishes which all combined to create truly tasteful and high-class chess sets. If you take a look at genuine luxury antique chess sets on any auction site, you will quickly realise just how beautiful a chess set can really be. While standardised chess sets in the 19th century made chess more accessible to the masses, particularly once chess sets began to be made in factories which then resulted in lower and lower prices, wealthy chess players continued to commission and purchase luxury chess sets for their own private use. Luxury sets became another way for chess players to highlight their passion for the game; having the means and drive to collect high-end chess sets was a surefire way for someone in the 19th or even early 20th century to indicate their dedication to the game.

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