Three Player Chess Sets

Three player chess sets are a chess variant that are–as the name suggests–designed to allow 3 players rather than the standard set of 2 players. Three player chess has become more popular in recent years as three player chess set options become more accessible to the public. If you are interested in purchasing a wooden three player chess set or a handmade three player chess set, first take a closer look at the history of 3 player chess and what to look for in a modern 3 player chess board.

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History of Three Player Chess The earliest version of three player chess actually dates all the way back to ancient China, when a 3-player version of the popular San Guo Qi game, which itself is a precursor to Western chess. Three player chess as we know it today was first promoted in the West by Robert Zubrin, whose variation 'Three-Player Chess' would later be the inspiration for a 1980s version by George R. Dekle, Sr. All standard variations of 3-player chess involve using a hexagonal board that allows for each of the 3 players to control a standard amount of chess pieces, including king, queen, knights, rooks, and so on. Modern Three Player Chess Sets Today, three player chess is growing in popularity due to a wider availability of 3-person chess sets as well as a growing interest in more exciting and challenging chess variations. If you are interested in purchasing a three player chess board, be sure to choose a quality board that will last under regular gameplay such as quality wooden board. Three player chess sets also make excellent gifts for chess lovers in your life, whether they have played three player chess before or are just now becoming interested in trying out this exciting variant that is sure to shake up their chess game.