Vinyl Chess Boards

If you love chess, then you have no doubt already seen your share of vinyl chess board options at tournaments, hobby shops and anywhere else chess boards and sets are sold. Vinyl boards are made with vinyl material and are popular for several reasons; the most common reason why people purchase a vinyl board is the inexpensive material and the ability to fold or roll up the board for easy storage. Vinyl chess boards are ones designed to be folded or rolled up for chess play on the go. They are perfect for classrooms and travel chess games alike.

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If you are interested in knowing more about the two most common types of plastic chess board or vinyl board, including the best tips for buying them, then consider the following guide.  

Vinyl Folding Chess Board

  A folding chess board made from vinyl is perfect for easy storage, whether you are a hobbyist or need to bring along a board for practice during a tournament. A folding chess board is also ideal for when you want to play chess on the go, since the board can be folded up and stored in a bag or travel box. Folding chess boards made from vinyl are a little sturdier than their roll up counterparts, so keep that in mind if it’s a factor that may impact which type you purchase.  

Vinyl Roll up Chess Board

  A roll up chess board is also perfect for when you want something with easy storage. Roll up boards are perfect for taking in the car, on a plane or train, or anywhere else where a portable board that can be rolled up is an ideal choice. Best of all, the vinyl material makes it so that the board won’t get crinkled or damaged by being rolled up, so it will always look flat and pristine when you roll it back out.  

Tips for Vinyl Board Shopping

  If you want to buy a vinyl board, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you get the best boards at the best deals. Tip: Buy your boards at chess speciality sites The best place to buy chess boards made from any material is from a chess specialty site. This is due to the fact that specialty shops will have a wider range of options, making it possible to find just what you are looking for. Tip: Decide on your color and type before you shop There are a number of different vinyl chess board options out there, and you can make the shopping process easier by knowing the type and color board you want before you start to shop. The most common colors you’ll find are black/white, brown/white and brown/yellow. You will also need to decide between a folding board and a roll-up board, which can vary in quality and cost depending on the exact vinyl material being used. Remember, always compare prices between different shops to make sure you are getting the best deals on your vinyl chess board, whether you’re purchasing a roll up board for travel or a fold-up board to store away.