Can there be any more interesting, mind-developing and fun pastime for your child other than collecting and solving a puzzle? Puzzles are a great way of fostering your child’s knowledge, ingenuity, logical abilities as well as build the base of mathematical skills.

Puzzles are also a nice entertainment for adults, they can distract you from your everyday life and routine problems by making you focus on finding the solution and engaging you in a fun game.

Now the only task you have before getting to enjoy this interesting game with your child or friends, is the choice of the puzzle. The material from which your puzzle is made of, should be of high quality. Especially if you are buying the puzzle for your child then it’s highly important to make sure that the material won’t be harmful for the little one in any way.

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At Kaoori stores we offer a wide variety of handmade wooden puzzles which are designed and constructed in an incredibly interesting and beautiful way. Wood is one of the best materials for making puzzles for children as it’s natural, harmless and cannot have any negative effects.

There are many different puzzles you can choose from at Kaoori:

  • Wooden jigsaw puzzles
  • Toddler puzzles
  • Wood block puzzles
  • 3D jigsaw puzzles
  • Puzzles for adults
  • Jigsaw puzzles for adults
  • Ball puzzles
  • Bermuda triangle puzzles
  • Bracket in brackets

There are many other types of puzzles on display at our stores as well. Above all, you can also order personalized puzzles and our masters will deliver you a high-quality puzzles with the design and structure that you want.

Kaoori cares about its customers and takes high responsibility about the high quality of its products. If you happen to have any further questions regarding our handmade wooden puzzles or any other products, don’t hesitate to message us via live chat. Our support team will get back to you instantly and help you find what you want.