Wooden Chess Pieces

Since antiquity, the wooden chess pieces have been the darling in the chess game. Many chess sets you will come along or read about used wooden pieces. The reason for this is due to the availability of wood.

Unlike metal and plastic, you do not require extra processes to develop material for making your chess pieces from wood. All you need is to identify the right type of wood and craft your pieces. In case you do not have some wood carving skills, you can hire an artist to do the work for you or purchase ready-made pieces.

However, chess pieces vary in types, shapes, and prices. The quality of the wood used to make chess pieces determines their prices. Despite this aspect, wood offers flexibility in crafting different types of chess pieces.

Whether standard, luxury, or themed chess pieces, wood stands out as the best material. Read on to know more about the wooden carved chess pieces and how to buy the best.

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Type of wood for Chess pieces

As mentioned above, wood is a favorable material for making chess pieces due to its flexibility and availability. You can carve your chess pieces from any wood. However, some types of wood stand out as the best choice for making your chess pieces.

This type of wood has high quality and texture. Also, the desired color of the pieces determines the wood one needs to use.

In essence, each wooden chess piece set has a combination of two different wood varieties. The dark-colored combination for the darker pieces and light-colored wood for crafting the light/white pieces.

Wood for white chess pieces

White wooden carved chess pieces are central in any chess game. For you to get the best chess pieces, you must choose a wood type that will offer the desired result. Different chess pieces artists use varying types of wood to make the light pieces. However, the common types are light wood, boxwood, and maple.

Boxwood stands out as a choice for making luxury chess pieces. This wood is resistant to chipping and splitting. It has perfect carving and turning. Also, it is easy to stain and paint making it a good idea for both black and white chess piece crafting.

On its part, maple has a cream or off-white color with a fine and even texture. The light color makes it a perfect choice for making light chess pieces.  Also, it is easy for handcrafting or machine carving. However, it is pricey but durable.

Wood for black chess pieces

Like light, there are several wood varieties for making black chess pieces. The dark color of this wood makes them a nice idea for this purpose. Sheesham, Rosewood, Ebony, African Padauk, Anjan, and Acacia are the common types of woods for making dark pieces. This wood has a suitable texture for carving and is durable.

Tips for buying wooden chess pieces

Wooden chess pieces vary in texture, type, and durability. Like other items, you will find genuine and fake pieces on offer. For this reason, you need to be careful when purchasing some. Here are some tips to consider be for you buy wooden chess pieces:

Know the type of wood used

Always pay attention to the type of wood used to craft the wooden carved chess pieces. This aspect will help you determine whether you are getting a nice deal or not.

Assess the craftsmanship

No doubt, perfectly crafted chess pieces offer an exceptional gaming experience. It is essential to consider the craftsmanship of the chess pieces before making a purchase decision. So, when you want to buy wooden chess pieces, ensure they feature the best and skilled craftsmanship.

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