Wooden Chess Set

Handmade wooden chess set is beautifully designed and created by a professional artist-carvers masterpiece, special for those who know how to enjoy their time playing the intellectual board game! These robust and durable wooden chess set will serve as a unique addition to the home or office interior, emphasizing the refined taste of its owner.
Handmade wooden chess set is a purchase for a lifetime!

For centuries chess has been played and admired by thousands of people around the world. And naturally, during this time, the game has evolved and metamorphosed into a new form, shape, and quality. As we have discussed before, at the beginning of its journey, wooden chess was not nearly as popular as ivory. But times have changed.

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A wooden chess set is now a standard for a family living room, a classroom, and a luxury study alike. So how did this happen, and what do we need to know to navigate in a wide variety of wooden chess successfully? Kaoori has captured this evolution and incorporated both the classical and the contemporary in its high-quality designs. We have turned an already enjoyable game into a luxurious experience by seeking the best material for the chess sets. The wooden chess board and the pieces are made by hand. Each wooden chess set goes through rigorous vetting, and only the best are released to the market for the discerning buyer and player. But first things first, let’s start with different kinds of wooden chess and discuss their advantages!

Folding wooden chess set 

It is the largest category in the wooden chess set universe. The idea of a folding set is not new, and it was around for centuries now, but what it actually gives us is the opportunity to store the wooden chess pieces conveniently in the folding box, e.i. the wooden chess board. From a practical point of view, there’s nothing better! Some sets come with a special velvet cushion inside for the individual pieces, some just have the box, but either way, it’s such a handy way to store everything you need for the game! If you are a frequent player, you know the horror of discovering that one of your precious pieces are gone. We wouldn’t want you to experience that! No wonder folding chess sets became so popular. Plus, they give you a chance to carry a wooden chess set with you, which makes all the difference. Other than being practical, a wooden chess set can become a real family treasure. A beautiful piece of history that you pass on to your children and grandchildren. So, if you are not looking for something extra-fancy, there is no losing with a folding-style wooden chess set. Kaoori has an impressive number of these boards with different style pieces, so don’t hesitate to sneak a peek. 

Magnetic wooden chess set 

This great category is really a logical continuation of the folding chess sets, but with a nice flourish. This chess set usually features a wooden chess board folding in the middle, and wooden chess pieces with hidden magnets at the bottom. Having this set equipped with hidden magnets opens new possibilities for the owner. First and foremost, this makes them more suitable for children and the elderly for apparent reasons. If you have certain problems with dexterity, having this kind of a wooden chess set would make your game more effortless and pleasurable. Plus, this is a nice companion for your travels. Magnetic chess sets came along only in the 20th century, but have since taken a strong position on the market, giving us an excellent opportunity to extend the game beyond gatherings in the living room. At Kaoori store, you can find the kind of wooden chess set that suits you best and enjoy it for years to come! 

Luxury chess set

Luxury chess sets, as a subcategory of a wooden chess set, have been around for as long as the game exists. Since the inception of chess, it largely has been a game for the privileged part of society, so mass production pieces and boards didn’t really exist. All we had was Luxury sets, made with expensive and noble materials, destined to be played, and displayed with pride. At the time, the craftsmen used mostly ivory, different kinds of precious and semiprecious stones, etc. Nowadays, the scene has shifted, as wood became almost synonymous with this incredible game, making it somehow seem more welcoming, warm, and closer to home. Plus, wood is easier to carve than stone, opening new horizons of craftsmanship and design. Making a wooden chess set more popular somehow coincided with the rise in design variety as well. Today, a luxury chess set is made of high-quality wood, and the pieces are extraordinary in their uniqueness. This kind of a wooden chess set will be perfect for a person who appreciates the game and already has a regular set to play. They are generally more on the expensive side, but the majestic look, the appreciation from the people around, and the general atmosphere they create will be worth it. Here at Kaoori, we know the value of quality and unique design, so we have many different luxury chess sets to offer if that’s what you are looking for. 

Staunton wooden chess set

Having a wooden chess that’s ornate, unique and hand-carved like our previous entry on the list is wonderful and precious. No chess lover would doubt that. But having this wide variety of different designs had an interesting downside. As chess was getting more and more popular, the idea of holding chess tournaments rose and quickly bumped into an unusual complication. There were so many different figures on the boards that it was becoming increasingly hard to distinguish the pieces from each other, and even renowned players were refusing to play on an unfamiliar board, just because it was hard to tell the pieces apart. The necessity was rising for a unified design, which would make the competition smoother for the players. That design would later spread all over the world and become an icon for this ancient game all throughout the 20th century, and hopefully, more centuries to come. In 1849, Nathaniel Cook, who was a journalist and an illustrator, came up with a simplistic, and at the same time, original and symbolic design for wooden chess pieces, which he named after an English chess master Howard Staunton. They spread like wildfire and very quickly became the official sets for any kind of a chess tournament around the world. Cook’s genius is alive today in every single wooden chess set being played at schools and in our living rooms. Basically, nowadays, if you do have a wooden chess board at home, it’s bound to have Staunton chess pieces on it, no matter what country you live in. 

Themed chess set 

This interesting wooden chess set has a great twist to it, in case you are tired of playing with the same wooden chess pieces over and over again. The purpose of Staunton chess sets was the unification of players and creating order among the chaos. Themed chess sets try to do the opposite. Reintroduce originality back into an already orderly chess universe. Any wild stretch of the imagination is possible with these sets. They can be more on the classic side, depicting ancient Romans, with their elaborate attire, or Egyptians, with everything associated with their reign. Themed sets can be much more out there, having wooden chess pieces carved to look like your favourite TV-show characters or cartoons. Even if you are more inclined to choose classic designs, and take your chess very seriously, don’t dismiss this option. Themed chess sets are versatile, and you can find a design to your taste at Kaoori. Plus, it’s fun to mix it up every once in a while! Three player set This kind of a wooden chess set is probably the most original on the list. It features a wooden chess board in the shape of a hexagon, designed to fit not two, but three armies. These kinds of sets are not new to the chess world. There are mentions of three-player chess sets being popular in ancient China. Although they were forgotten for a long while, nowadays, they are gaining more and more audiences, as players want to find some new, exciting version of their favourite game. Usually, they feature a white, black, and the red army, and the pieces are hand-carved as any other. Check them out at Kaoori store, and bring the joy of originality into your game!

 Antique wooden chess set

As we discussed before, since the invention of this game, a wooden chess set was not mainstream. The sets rarely featured a wooden chess board or wooden chess pieces. Most of the antique chess sets discovered, are kept in museums or private collections and are not available for us mere mortals. Plus, they cost a fortune and are not meant to be played, as they usually require special conditions, temperature, humidity, light, etc. So how can we get the aura of history without having to make our house into a museum? The answer is, of course, copies! We can make reproductions of those famous sets in history, which makes so much sense. Giving a second life to the idea and the design, we get to really enjoy and play with that wooden chess set, without worrying about the money, or the conditions. They are still made with high-quality materials but don’t have that skyrocketing prices. So it’s a win-win! Besides being affordable, these replicas are beautiful and so majestic, carrying the aura of the time to you and your family! 

Training sets 

Usually, this kind of a wooden chess set is designated for children, just learning the basics of the game. So the objective is to make the learning process easier for them. Our training wooden chess set takes into account their age, capabilities, and imagination and channels it into the creation of the sets for the young ones. They are considerably smaller so as not to overwhelm the children. They also weigh less just in case the child needs to carry it from one location to another. They come in different themes so the child may have fun when playing, and have lettering and numbers on the margins, for a smoother game.

Here at Kaoori, we know how important it is to introduce chess to our children. It trains their brain in logic and perception. Besides, chess is one of the board games that are highly acclaimed for their capacity to build the intellect, sharpen focus, and increase analytical capabilities. More than that, our kids learn that actions have consequences and that the smallest piece on the board can still make a great difference in the moment of need. Children learn to gain experience from their mistakes and that today’s lost game is only a preparation for tomorrow’s win. Those are valuable life lessons that are going to stay with your child throughout their life, helping and guiding them. Who knew a simple board game could do that? As you can see, a beautifully carved wooden chess set can be a great example of any sort of design in the chess world. It can be classical or innovative. Standard or original, they come in all kinds of sizes and shapes for every taste and pocket. An ornate wooden chess set is a beautifully designed and created by the professional artists-carvers masterpiece, especially for those who know how to enjoy their time playing the intellectual board game! These robust and durable wooden chess sets will serve as a unique addition to the home or office interior, emphasizing the refined taste of its owner. They are a great present for collectors, players and lovers of the game alike. Chess has stood the test of time, and will find its place your hearts, minds and homes eventually.

Handmade wooden chess sets are a purchase for a lifetime! Kaoori is the ultimate home of a wooden chess set. Here you can find a board for every mood, preference, and wallet. So don’t be afraid to explore the world of chess further, and take your pick from our large collection!