Wooden Chess Sets

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23 Inch Polish Chess Set

(22) $227.85 $175.77

23 Inch Roman Chess Set Cesar

(8) $253.89

23 Inch Spanish Chess Set

(7) $299.46 $227.85

23 Inch Spartacus Chess Set

(77) $351.54 $279.93

24 Inch Castle Chess Set

(63) $227.85

24 Inch Mars Chess Set

(86) $279.93 $188.79

25 Inch Medieval Chess Set

(122) $358.05 $279.93

25 Inch Royal Lux Chess Set

(42) $475.23 $292.95

26 Inch Egypt Chess Set

(65) $351.54 $279.93

20 Inch Chess Set Antique Black

$748.65 $460.91

6 Inch Magnetic Pocket Chess Set

(10) $41.66

8 Inch Magnetic Mini Chess Set

(20) $52.08

A wooden chess set is now a standard for a family living room, a classroom, and a luxury study alike. So how did this happen, and what do we need to know to navigate in a wide variety of wooden chess successfully?

Kaoori has captured this evolution and incorporated both the classical and the contemporary in its high-quality designs. We have turned an already enjoyable game into a luxurious experience by seeking the best material for the chess sets. The wooden chess board and the pieces are made by hand. Each wooden chess set goes through rigorous vetting, and only the best are released to the market for the discerning buyer and player.

But first things first, let’s start with different kinds of wooden chess and discuss their advantages!

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