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Simply stated-We build community through Chess culture. We’re about quality products and building lifetime relationships.

Consumers across the globe are experiencing the art and science of Chess by learning, practicing and mastering the sport. Their material of choice may diff er, but their objective is the same. We present to the world a unif ied look and feel in our brand strategy. If we follow these guidelines, consumers experiencing Kaoori, through online and off line visibility will know they can trust Kaoori.

Bringing People Together

A beautiful keepsake to enjoy for generations to come

Encourages healthy competition and patience with others

A way to establish or deepen relationships between people of varying backgrounds

Keeps the game of chess alive through community

A Product for Every Chess Player

High-quality, affordable sets for serious players or casual dabblers of the game

Electronic sets to elevate the competitive aspect without diluting the essence of chess

A carefully crafted work of art; can be used for play or serve as a piece of beautiful home decor

Diverse options for competitions, family gatherings, game nights,and collectors of chess memorabilia

Expert Execution from Order to Delivery and Beyond

Customers can try before committing to the perfect set with a 30-day return policy

24/7 support means round the clock care and a seamless shopping and after-sale experience

Customization options to elevate the personal shopping or gift-giving experience