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The Kaoori Chess Company is a renowned chess shop that provides ample opportunity for chess players in the UK to purchase their favorite chess sets UK. We provide a variety of product options, ranging from unique chess sets to Staunton chess set to travel chess set and even themed chess set options. If you want to know more about who we are, what we do, and the true Kaoori Chess Company difference, then read on.

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There are very few people living in the modern world who never heard of chess. A lot of us play it occasionally, or even on a regular basis, but are you sure you know all there is to know about chess? Not only about the rules, and how the pieces move, but truly know the game, its strategy, and history inside out. It is not merely a board game, but a whole layer of human history. A pastime that transformed with centuries, but still managed to keep its essence throughout all the changes. 

So, are you ready to be captivated out of your mind by this magnificent game? If you are, then let’s dive deeper into the origins of chess and give you some insight before we go into a more detailed discussion on the specifics.  

A bit of history

The origins of the game are a bit fuzzy, but supposedly, chess originated from the Indian game chaturanga, which was played in the country ever since the 6th century. After chaturanga gained popularity in India, it took the Silk Road west and travelled to Persia. That’s where it first got the name “shah mat”, which in Arabic means “the king is dead”. The Arabs then spread the game further west to Europe, where it gradually transformed into the modern version of chess that we know and love today. 

The modern rules, and the exact positions and moves of the pieces were agreed upon around the 15th century (not counting minor changes). However, the game was profoundly standardized in the mid 19th century. By this time, many tournaments were already being held all over the world. Plus, not having the same exact rules and designed chess pieces everywhere made the whole idea of an international competition utterly absurd. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of boards and pieces to choose from, from standard Staunton sets to extravagant themed sets. 

Chess has come to be a hugely popular game in our era, as well. There are many championships held worldwide, as well as a World Chess Championship, which is carried out in every even year. Chess is said to be the game for those who have a strong mind and well-developed thinking skills. In the Age of Enlightenment, i.e., in the 18th century, chess was considered to be a means of self-improvement.

With its huge popularity, the game of chess could not go without creating different controversies and becoming a hotbed of heated discussions. At one time or another, chess was banned by all the major religions in various countries at different eras. Nevertheless, chess not only survived but continued to thrive and travel to new lands and countries throughout centuries. 
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