Chess Accessories

Chess is a classy game and it could not go along without having certain corresponding accessories. There are many different accessories that you can have when buying your chess set. First of all, let’s mention that the best material for the chess set is, obviously, wood. If you have decided to make your chess set purchase from our Kaoori stores then be sure that you will find everything you need for your new chess set here as well. We offer a number of different and high-quality chess accessories to match your handmade wooden chess set.

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If you have already chosen or bought the chess set with all the pieces, the board and the chess clock then it’s high time to look for the right accessories that will be the best fit for your chess set. One type of an accessory that we offer at Kaoori are the handmade wooden boxes aimed at keeping your chess pieces. You can find a wide range of handmade wooden chess piece boxes with beautiful designs and colours at our store and easily choose the one that fits your ideas chess set style, design and of course, your taste. Our handmade wooden chess piece boxes are very convenient for holding and keeping your chess pieces - they are highly durable made of high-quality wood and will serve you for a long time without breaking or becoming worn-out. There could not be any better type of material for making these boxes other than wood, especially if your chess set and chess pieces are made from wood as well. Wood is natural and pleasant at the touch and feel and does not contain anything that might be harmful, for example for children. Wooden chess pieces boxes can be of different types and colours and you can find them all at our stores. Here is what kind of wooden chess boxes Kaoori stores offer: Read More