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Chess is a classy game and it could not go along without having certain corresponding accessories. There are many different accessories that you can have when buying your chess set. First of all, let’s mention that the best material for the chess set is, obviously, wood. If you have decided to make your chess set purchase from our Kaoori stores then be sure that you will find everything you need for your new chess set here as well. We offer a number of different and high-quality chess accessories to match your handmade wooden chess set.

The choice is, naturally, huge, but there are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to finding your chess set an appropriate addition. Our Kaoori store will offer you a number of possibilities. Choose from different high-quality chess accessories to match your chess setsA chess clock / chess timer It’s basically a device that consists of two clocks, each with a start/stop button. Once you press it, your timer starts, and the other one stops, to ensure that the two clocks never run simultaneously. A chess clock measures the time that each player takes to make a move, so none of the players can delay the match. It’s a great little helper, once you get serious about your game. And even if you’re not quite there yet, the clock will help you concentrate and focus on the task in front of you. Whether you are  playing with a partner or solving a chess problem, a chess clock is your friend either way. Your chess timer can be analogue or digital. They both look and work great. Just choose the one that will go better with the overall style of your chessboard and pieces.

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Majority of chess boxes have two compartments storing the two sets of chess pieces, while there are some chess boxes that are flat and have compartments for every piece on either side of the box. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors. Very often the interior of the chess boxes is felted to further protect the pieces from scratches and friction. There are also boxes that are handmade and have unique carvings and craftsmanship, as a result a variety of chess boxes are available for every taste.

A more affordable option to store chess pieces is the cloth bag, although all kinds of chess pieces can be stored in the clothed bag, however, it is more suitable for practical chess pieces. Cloth bags are also very suitable for travel chess sets and are excellent for chess players on the go. The clothes can be luxury velvet or made from a simpler material, yet durable. More modern chess sets, such as the digital sets, require specific chess accessories to keep the e-boards and various parts of the digital set functioning; they are USB converters and material required for connecting to an e-board.  Chess clocks and timers whether they are analog or digital are also considered part of the chess accessories and are necessary for any chess game.

Additional chess pieces.  If you’re still a beginner in this great game and haven’t caught the chess fever yet, this option might be too much for you. But if you have caught it already, there’s no turning back! And you will be happy to purchase an additional set of beautiful hand-carved pieces. They can be very different from what you already have. The pieces can be themed, have a unique style, and you will be able to choose them according to your mood, taste, and overall preference. An additional set of chess pieces can go right to your permanent collection and make you proud for years to come! It’s also a valuable present for someone who is into this game. There are plenty of options to choose from in the Kaoori store, whether you are shopping for an expert, enthusiast, or just completing an already existing collection. Storage for the pieces. 

  • A hard box

If you have already chosen or bought the chess set with all the pieces, the board, and the chess clock, then it’s high time to look for the right storage for your pieces. One type of an accessory that we offer at Kaoori is the handmade wooden boxes to keep your pieces from aging and damage. You can find a wide range of handmade wooden chess piece boxes with beautiful designs and colours at our store and easily choose the one that fits your chess set style.

Our handcrafted wooden chess piece boxes are very convenient for holding and keeping your chess pieces – they are highly durable, made of high-quality wood, and will serve you for a long time without breaking or becoming worn-out. Wood is the best option for these boxes, not only because it goes best with the overall style of chess sets, but also because it’s all-natural (doesn’t contain ingredients that could become a health hazard) and extremely durable. It is pleasant to the touch and clearly passes off the right vibe.  These boxes can be of different types and colours, and you can find them all at our stores. Here is what kind of wooden chess boxes Kaoori store offers:

    • Wooden Chessmen Case Dark (Light, Large, Small)


    • Wooden Box LUX Flat Brown


    • Wooden Box LUX Flat Black


    • A soft case/ pouch


If a whole wooden box sounds too fancy for your taste, you can purchase a beautiful cloth bag, which is comfortable, nonetheless. It is, naturally, much more lightweight, which makes it much easier to transport and ship together with the pieces. We offer such bags at Kaoori as well – both beautiful and of high-quality. Here are a couple of examples you can check out :

    • Velvet Chess Pieces Storage Bag


  • Pieces Storage Cloth Bag

Electronic chess accessories  We’ve discussed traditional chess sets and the different accessories to complete your experience with this noble game, but what about electronic chess? Digital gadgets have penetrated all layers of our lives, especially our leisure time. Board games are not an exception. An electronic chess board has become a powerful tool for learning and practice. It records games and transfers them directly to your computer, which gives the unprecedented opportunity to go over your triumphs and mistakes, to learn, grow, and up your game gradually. It is a priceless tool for chess clubs, as well. Learn from each other and share your victories! What can be better? Now, if you really went out on a limb and purchased an electronic chess board, there are some accessories you might want to buy in addition as well.

– DGT Connection Material

– DGT Carrying Bag

Chess is a unique culture, which will become a strong tradition in your family, that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. The accessories will only enhance that tradition and give it a beautiful and unique flare. As you can see, your chess set will be accompanied by all the necessary accessories if you choose to do your chess shopping from the Kaoori store of handmade wooden products. Due to our highly customer-oriented policy and years of experience, we always make sure that all our customers’ needs and expectations are met. That is why our products are of the highest quality and the best design. Our team is here to help you 24/7, and you can feel free to contact us via our Live Chat anytime you have questions. Your chosen products will be shipped free of charge. Another customer-oriented policy we have is the 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your peace of mind and free shipping across the UK and EU for your utmost convenience