Chess Clocks

As it’s widely known, chess clocks are aimed at keeping track of the overall time that takes each player of a chess match to make a move. One of its purposes is also ensuring that the players don’t delay the game too much. Chess timers are not designed only for chess but also any other two-player games where the participants make their moves in turn.

They are not as old as the game of chess. For the first time chess clocks were used in a chess tournament in London in 1883. Previously, they were also known as game clocks. Nowadays, they are a very important part of any chess tournament, they are also used by amateur players who love to create an air of professionalism and competition.

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If you are a true lover of chess and carry out frequent mini-tournaments with your friends or family members then a chess clock is a must for you. It will make the game more fun and the results more accurate. Any proper handmade wooden chess board requires an equally compatible beautifully designed wooden chess clock. At Kaoori stores you will be able to find the best handmade wooden chess clocks of different classy designs and colours. Here some of the chess clock types that Kaoori masters offer (there are also usual ones if you don’t want a wooden chess clock): Read More