Chess Clock

As it’s widely known, chess clocks are aimed at keeping track of the overall time that takes each player of a chess match to make a move. One of its purposes is also ensuring that the players don’t delay the game too much. Chess timers are not designed only for chess but also any other two-player games where the participants make their moves in turn.

They are not as old as the game of chess. For the first time chess clock was used in a chess tournament in London in 1883. Previously, they were also known as game clocks. Nowadays, they are a very important part of any chess tournament, they are also used by amateur players who love to create an air of professionalism and competition.

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Why is a chess timer beneficial?

It is no secret that people often get carried away while playing board games, and chess is not an exception. So when the game gets serious enough, there will be an issue with time. Each player’s time to make a move has to be monitored and regulated somehow, otherwise the game can go on indefinitely. That’s where a chess timer will certainly come in handy. Now, you might think those are only for professional use, but that’s not really the case. A chess clock can be extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to up their game, and many chess sets UK have them as a matching feature. But how do they help an amateur player?