Chess Pieces

Can you imagine a chess game without chess pieces? Neither can we! Chess pieces are the main and most important part of chess sets. Each player in a game of chess has to start with a total number of 16 pieces (one of the players usually has the lighter coloured pieces, while the other plays with the dark/black coloured pieces). There are 6 different types of chess pieces in the game the names of which are Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King.

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Wooden Chess PiecesWe are more than sure that most of you know the above-listed names of chess pieces, however we considered it relevant to mention them once more. So, each piece has its own direction and set of moves which the players cannot change. An interesting fact is that the names of pieces can vary from country to country and from language to language. For example, what we call knight, is referred to as ‘horse’ in many languages. Even this little point is a proof of the fact chess is a game that reflects the culture in one way or another as well as a proof of how deep and old this game is. Kings, pawns, knights - even the chess pieces display historical figures and overall, the lives of ancient and sometimes of modern times. It is a whole strategy requiring the high concentration of mind to understand which are the right and wise moves leading to victory, just like being the head of an army going to an important battle with your enemy. The only thing to remember is that now, thankfully, it is just a game which you are playing with a friend or a family member or maybe a stranger but surely not with an enemy. This means that playing wisely and wanting to achieve victory is just normal but taking the game fanatically is absolutely wrong. Both, defeat and victory are to be taken with honour just like a true warrior would do. Chess now is a way of entertainment for those who play it as amateurs, and a way to achieve success for those playing professionally. In both cases, it has only one purpose - to develop your mind and concentration skills and simply, give you a true enjoyment. Read More