Magnetic Chess Set

Magnetic chess sets are now a popular choice among chess enthusiasts. These sets are particularly convenient for travel and for players who like to play or need to practice even when they are on the go. Magnetic travel chess sets have really taken off in popularity in the last few decades, as more and more people become interested in playing chess while on the go. Before you browse through magnetic chess set UK, first take a closer look at the primary differences between magnetic chess sets and traditional chess sets and find out why purchasing a wooden magnetic chess set is a great option for any chess player.

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Magnetic Chess Sets vs. Traditional Chess Sets

The name already hints that the primary difference between magnetic chess sets and non-magnetic traditional chess sets is the presence of magnets. The pieces and boards of magnetic chess sets contain a magnetic layer. The layer is located underneath the board and inside each of the chess pieces. So instead of sliding the pieces across the board and simply putting them on it, the pieces stick to the magnetic board. Among magnetic chess sets, you will find some that are designed to be travel sized, so they may feature a folding board design as well as compartment drawers to store pieces in while the game is being transported. Other magnetic boards are standard and cannot be folded.

Benefits of Playing with Magnetic Chess Sets

The biggest advantage of magnetic chess is its convenience. You can be sure that the chess pieces remain where you place them and there are many reasons why this is so beneficial. First of all, it allows you to play chess on the go, including on a train, airplane, or even in the backseat of a car. You will be sure that the pieces won’t slide or drop all over the car/train/plane.  Another big advantage is that magnetic pieces remain where placed for players who may have difficulty moving pieces around. This includes any adult players with unsteady hands as well as children learning how to play the game, who may find it difficult to keep the pieces upright, especially once the game really starts going.

There are many modern options for magnetic chess sets in today’s chess market. You can find elegant and compact magnetic chess sets at relatively low prices.  Plus, you will have a wide range of board options to pick from; wooden magnetic chess boards are the most popular due to the durability and quality of the wood, so if you are looking for a magnetic chess set that will last a long time, consider that your best option.

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