Travel Chess Sets

How to Pick the Best Travel Chess Set

There are many different types of chess sets out there, ranging from simple starter sets to elaborate boards designed for ultimate luxury and design. One of the most common types of boards are travel chess sets, which are meant to be taken with you and either played on-the-go or at least capable of being set up at a moment’s notice while you are traveling. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know when you are looking for travel chess pieces and boards that are perfect for your needs.

The notion of having something to entertain yourself during long and tedious commutes is nothing new. And travel chess sets came around long before trains did! Nowadays we have 21st-century problems, like how to keep ourselves occupied on a 2-hour flight if the Wifi is down for more than 5 minutes. But long before we invented faster means of travel, people were often on the road for a few days straight. That’s when the idea for portable chess came along.

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Those who were enthusiastic about this game didn’t want to miss out on the chance of some entertainment on those boring trips. As we discussed before, a folding chess board was first introduced in the 12th century and was the predecessor of the modern portable chess set. Besides, a travel chess set is a wonderful idea to keep your family away from their devices for a while and have some quality time together! Now there are so many different options around, that it can be hard to navigate, so consider reading on, if you are on the hunt for a quality travel chess set. Read More