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How to Pick the Best Travel Chess Set

Today you can find all kinds of chess sets in the market from simple starter sets to elaborate boards designed for ultimate luxury and design. One of the most common types of sets are travel chess sets, which are meant to be taken with you. Playing chess on the go is very common among chess enthusiasts making travel chess a must for them. These sets are small and light-weighted, so it’s easy to carry them and set up at a moment’s notice while you are traveling.

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14 Inch Chess Set Paris

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12 Inch Classic Chess Set


14 Inch Luxury Chess Set Walnut

(17) £172.00 £427.00 Save: £255

Long before we invented faster means of travel, people were often on the road for days, weeks and even months. Chess enthusiasts saw the opportunity to use their long and often boring trips to play chess hence the need for sets that could be easily transported – ideally a set that is small enough to pack. Portable travel chess owes its creation to its predecessor folding chess set which was first introduced in the 12th century. Travel chess sets are very popular today too. Whether it is a 2-hour flight on a plane with no WiFi or a train ride, your travel chess will keep you occupied and sharpen your brain at the same time. In Kaoori’s travel chess set uk collection, you’ll certainly find your companion which will surely entertain you and your chess lover friends during long commutes.

Travel chess set is an excellent alternative to today’s gadgets. It’s a wonderful means to keep your family away from their devices for a while and have some quality time together! Browse Kaoori’s travel chess sets uk and purchase your very own chess set right away! At Kaoori, you can also find travel backgammon sets, which are perfect for entertainment and mental exercise as well.